Far from the Front

West Calder and the Great War

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The War Memorial

Major A. J. Gray


Captain J Brash


Lieutenant D. A. Anderson


Lieutenant C Brady


Lieutenant W. Y. Drummond


Lieutenant T. L. Smith


Lieutenant J Thornton


Serjeant A Brady


Serjeant J Calder


Serjeant F Gillespie


Serjeant D Gowans


Serjeant S. J. Holmes


Serjeant T Hope


Serjeant A. B. Jack


Serjeant D. L. Seath


Serjeant T Torrence


Serjeant J Wood


Cpl J Archibald


Bombardier R L Mackie

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Cpl A. K. Boyd


Cpl T Clarkson


Cpl B Curran


Cpl G Elder


Cpl P Mitchell


Cpl W McArthur


Cpl H. G. McLagan


Cpl H Regan


Cpl R Sneddon


Cpl R. C. Vickers

Lce Cpl J Boyd


Lce Cpl J Connell


Lce Cpl D Cooper


Lce Cpl R Easton


Lce Cpl W Ellis


Lce Cpl A Forrest


Lce Cpl J Fotheringham


Lce Cpl J Grant


Lce Cpl R Sweeney

Lce Cpl J Watson


Lce Cpl W Bell


Serjeant P Condon







The memorial has recently undergone a superb 'renovation' (May 2014).


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