Far from the Front

West Calder: A Scottish Village and the Great War

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The War Memorial (Panel 2)

Pte M Allan


Pte E Anderson


Pte J Anderson


Pte T Andrew


Pte J Arnott


Pte C Bell


Pte W. J. Bellingham


Pte T Bird


Pte R Blair


Pte F Borda


R. R. Boyce


A Boyes


R Brash


A Brown


J Bryce


T Cairney


J. H. P. Calder


G Caldwell


A Campbell


R Carr


J Carson


A Chapman


M Clancy


J Clarkson


J Collins


J Connell


J Corrigan


J Corrigan


W Craike


B Curran


M Devlin


T Dollan


J Downie


A Dundas


T Ferrier


J Fordyce


R Forrester


W Forrester

J. A. Frame


J Gibson


C Graham


R Graham


W. Y. Grandison


T Grant


C Gray


J Greeney


F Grimley


M Grimley


W Haldane


J Hamilton


W Hannah


G Hardie


J Hardie


M Hastie


J Irvine


J. D. R. Jamieson


J Kelly