Far from the Front

West Calder and the Great War

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West Calder Cemetery (2)

High resolution files can be downloaded by selecting an image (useful where some memorials have weathered).

John Anderson Died of wounds received at Rouen 1916


Alexander Kerr Boyd Died in hospital in London 1916


James Boyd Killed in action on the Somme 1916


Charles Brady 1915


Robert and James Brash. Both killed in 1918


James Hope Potter Calder. Died of wounds in France 1918


George Caldwell. Killed in action 1917


R Carr 1918


Matthias Clancy Died of wounds received in action 1917


Thomas Clarkson. Died of wounds received in action 1918


J Corrigan 1914


Murray Cullen Died as a result of a patrol boat accident 1916


M Devlin. Military Medal winner 1918


William Drummond Killed in action in 1916


Mungo and John Dymock. Died in Belgium in 1914 and 1917.


Robert Easton. Killed in action in the Persian Gulf 1916


Alexander Fairfoull. Died in action on the Somme 1916.


Archibald Forrest 1918

J Gibson 1916


Robert Graham. Killed in action in 1914


James Grant Killed in Action at Zonnebeke Belgium 1918


W Haldane 1919


John Henderson Died of wounds whilst on active service in Italy 1918


John Jamieson Killed in action in France 1919


James Knox. Killed in action in France 1917


J Lee 1917


Thomas Martin Killed in action in France 1917


William Martin Maxwell Died at Galipoli 1915


James McKenna. Died in action 1917


John Morgan. Killed in action 1915


Sarah O'Keefe 1919


William Prentice Killed at the Battle of the Somme 1916


J Slattery 1919


Tom Smith Killed in action in France 1918


Archibald Sneddon Died in France 1917