Far from the Front

West Calder and the Great War

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A Dundas (2)

The following letter has been received by Mr and Mrs Dundas from one of the officers :


Just a few lines to let you know some particulars of your noble son Archie, who was in my company. While going up the trenches on the night of the 5th June, Archie was with Coy. Headquarters then doing Trench QM for me. They had just moved on from a spell when one of the beastly Hun shells fell in amongst them, and Archie knew no more. I was very upset when I heard of it, for I considered he would have made a good NCO and I could always trust him.


He was very much affected when his brother was lying in hospital out here, and when he got the good news of his recovery he was very cheerful.


I am having a large cross erected on his grave, which will be looked after  while I am in this sector. The inscription on the cross is as follows :


In loving memory of

Pte A Dundas,

Killed in action


5th June 1918

Erected by his comrades


The Military Authorities will tell you the place of burial, which is away from the firing line. The Company all send their deepest sympathy to you both, and also to his brothers and sisters.


Midlothian Advertiser, 21st June 1918


West Calder Railway Station

Alexander Dundas worked here for short time